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Cancelling the city’s fireworks could negatively impact Sydney’s global standing.

Written by City Reporter

“Cancelling the city’s fireworks could negatively impact Sydney’s global standing.”

More than 300,000 people have signed a petition seeking to cancel New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney, but so far the lord mayor, Clover Moore, has not moved from her position set out two weeks ago that the fireworks were planned 15 months in advance and could not be cancelled as Tourism would be affected.

But Sydney Business Chamber executive director Katherine O’Regan said “cancelling the city’s fireworks could negatively impact Sydney’s global standing.”

“It would be unprecedented if it weren’t to go ahead. In terms of businesses this is the night of nights where they can do a significant trade,” Ms O’Regan said.

She said the city’s fireworks display, watched by up to one billion people globally, reinforces the view that “Sydney is among the top cities to come and visit”.


According to other media reports “The City of Sydney maintains  the fireworks brings $133 million to the local economy, more than the $42 million for Lunar New Year. Vivid Sydney brings a $173 million economic benefit, although the event lasts for more than three weeks.”


It is very clear to anyone in the Sydney Hospitality business…or employed by the thousands of Pubs, Bars and Restaurants in the CBD (or near the Harbour),..that New Year’s Eve is by far and away the most important night of the year for us – it’s an enormous revenue generator for any business in Sydney!

Many people say that whilst it is a vexed question,.. it is still possible to feel empathy for the bushfire victims and firefighters whilst celebrating the new year.


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