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“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” sang Marylin Monroe in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953). It’s been 50 years now and that little piece of carbon still represents the forbidden dream of many women and men around the world. White, black or fancy… does not matter… what really counts is that it is big and shining.
Yes, I said men, no mistake, we live in a time when many stereotypes have been defied and many generational gaps bridged: in the world of fashion, women love to wear men’s clothes, discovering that they can use the same dresses while remaining different and the same is true for men; in the world of wine, sparklings have matched the taste of both women and men, overcoming the old prejudice which saw the former drinking only white wines and the latter exclusively red ones; nowadays not only older men hang out with younger women, but also women do the same with younger boys. What joins all genders and ages in the new millennium is the desire to have fun, to live, to escape …and what more than a glittering, sparkling, shining object can convey the idea of celebration? Here then comes BRILLA…


Brilla! was born from this idea: combining the world of Prosecco with one of the greatest expressions of style and elegance:

Jewels as Italy is one of the world leaders in jewelry design.

“The bottle of Brilla is the result of a design project that goes beyond a simple bottle of Prosecco: we chose experimentation, creativity, and unconventional forms. We created a texture that is reminiscent of diamonds with a special emphasis on pear-shaped diamonds, synonymous with purity and high-end jewelry. Once used to adorn the crowns worn by nobility, today they are forged into a bottle of Prosecco. Brilla!


Brilla! is a receptacle of Italianness. Each Prosecco bubble represents a unique moment that makes your life more precious. Every time you open a bottle of Brilla! the magic of Italy unfolds.

Our bubbles epitomize life’s little gems, unique moments of immeasurable value, to be shared with friends, family, partners. They are the diamonds enshrined in our bottles.

*Brilla PROSECCO DOC is available at Vintage Cellars and Coles Liquorland 


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