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BREAKING: AFMRC’s new co-chairs Malcolm Turnbull and Sharan Burrow

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Malcolm Turnbull and Sharan Burrow – Murdoch Royal Commission 

Dear Reader ,

As Kevin Rudd takes up his post as our Ambassador in Washington, we are writing to announce that today at the board’s request we have joined Australians for a Murdoch Royal Commission as your new co-chairs.

Read more about why we’ve joined AFMRC in our joint op-ed here.

Revelations from the US court case against the Murdochs make our calls ever more urgent; a Royal Commission into media concentration is now needed to defend our democracy.

This is not a left-right issue, we come from both sides of the political divide. Freedom of the press is sacred, but it can no longer be a shield of convenience for bad-faith actors who knowingly lie.

We do not presume to have the answers – that’s what the commission is for – but we do know that the Foxification of Australia won’t be halted by piecemeal media reforms that can’t pass parliament unless they are signed off by Rupert.

Whatever your politics, nobody wants to see quality news sources decaying, to be replaced by unreliable sources pushing ulterior motives.

Read our op-ed in the Sydney Morning Herald here now.

We are excited to take the campaign into its next phase. Thank you for being here with us.

Let’s get to work,
Sharan Burrow and Malcolm Turnbull

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