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Best bucket-list dives to spice up this cold season

Best bucket-list dives to spice up this cold season

With the onset of colder weather, when we turn inwards and retreat into our routine lives, we wondered if you might be dreaming about or even considering a diving Trip in some exotic location ,..who doesn’t want to break up the winter y monotony by heading into warmer waters.


PADI, world leaders in diving training, have put together a bucket list of international dive locations that will come to life with breathtaking displays of marine activity in the coming months.

From Fiji in April to Cozumel in June, the best global spots to go deep underwater get even better, as the seasonal changes in temperatures and currents bring rare and large numbers of species together.

Exploring the freedom of the ocean with these extraordinary creatures is the perfect antidote to feeling shackled up on land!

Please check out the details of PADI’s international dive bucket list below. It’s suitable for divers of all levels and abilities.

1.)Fiji and the Bahamas have great visibility and exciting marine animal action in their mild waters in April. 

(Credit: PADI) 

Bega Lagoon, one of 333 Fijian islands, is a shark haven where bull sharks, whitetip reef sharks, blacktip reef sharks, nurse sharks, and tiger sharks gather in mass numbers among the vibrant hues of healthy coral. The ‘soft coral’ capital of the world,

Fiji’s pristine reefs, including the famous dive location Rainbow Reef, are frequently visited by blue ribbon eels, manta rays, bumphead parrotfish and pilot whales.

A recent study of over 3000 shark dives in Fiji’s Shark Reef Marine Reserve, located in the Bega Channel off the southern coast of Viti Levu, found that bull sharks form tight friendships. Look out for a pair of BFFs!

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The Bahamas in the Caribbean is home to some of world’s most spectacular mega-fauna at its trifecta of popular destinations – Bimini, Gran Bahamas, and Tiger Beach.

Visiting Bimini is to travel back in time to a place before commercial development; where dives happen with bull sharks, hammerhead sharks, dolphin pods and schools of eagle rays. Large schools of colourful fish swarm the artificial shipwreck reefs at Honeymoon Beach.

Grand Bahamas has a larger island vibe with incredible shark dives, gorgeous coral structures, turtles by the dozens and plenty of reef fish. There’s also a freshwater cavern and cave system that is still being explored.

The most spectacular tiger shark gatherings and greatest shark diving in the world happens at Tiger Beach. Tiger, lemon, hammerhead and whitetip reef sharks are abundant in crystal-clear azure waters topped only in visibility by an aquarium!

A Bahamas diving experience can be booked with 19 PADI Dive Centres.

 2. Galapagos Islands, Ecquador in May 


(Credit: Neil Andrea)  

The Galapagos off the coast of Equador is teeming with large schools of hammerhead sharks and manta rays, as well as sea horses, turtles, penguins, sea lions and marine iguanas, especially in May, when the water is calmer, warmer and clearer.

The Ecuadorian government has established over 60,000+ kilometers of new marine reserves in the Galapagos, and industrial fishing has been banned by Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica, providing an additional 500,000 square kilometers of protected waters for seal life. A trip here 2022 not only helps Ecuador’s eco-tourism efforts, but also supports the expansion of protections at this world heritage site.

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3. Cozumel, Mexico in June 


(Image provided by PADI) 

The underwater nirvana of lush coral walls, dramatic caverns and blossoming reefs in Cozumel make it a top place to dive at any time of the year. But the magic happens in June when the official great gathering season begins for groups of up to 30-40 whale sharks and dancing manta rays. Diving with whale sharks is only legal between May to September and divers can have a more intimate experience early in the season.

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