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Become a Beer Connoisseur at Jindabyne Brewing

Publicity shot taken by Axel Ritenis whilst descending Mount Kosciusko on Mountain Bike -needless to say the Beer was consumed immediately after the photo was taken!
Written by Aksel Ritenis

Become a Beer Connoisseur at Jindabyne Brewing

I recently embarked on an exploratory trip of the Snowy Mountains region,..which encompasses much of the Federal electorate of Eden Monaro represented in the NSW Parliament by the irrepressible John Barilaro, I thought I better check out this fantastic part of the world,.. to see what makes the local member and Deputy Premier of NSW  so energetic and industrious!

Well,.after spending a week in the region visiting the natural assets and hospitality venues including  Restaurants Hotels and Cafes,.. and  I can see why he is so “cock a hoop” about this region,.. because this part of the world really is awe-inspiring and energizing. After Cooma,..the real start of the Snowy Mountains is the town of Jindabyne. This gorgeous Australian town is surrounded by snowfields, breathtaking Lake Jindabyne, and award-winning breweries and distilleries.

Jindabyne is a popular place to take your vacation especially during the winter season in Australia. It is a base for skiers and snowboarders and during the summer season, it’s a great place to go bushwalking, mountain biking,  rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and horse riding. Jindabyne Lake provides superb opportunities for all types of water sports including motorboat skiing and trout fishing.

It’s also here that you can ascend to the top of Australia, Mt Kosciuszko, the tallest mountain in Australia, and take in the spectacular views and see Australian wildflowers blooming in the summer months.

This region also gives rise to some of the best craft beers and boutique spirits available in Australia. Today, some of these liquor brands that originate here are sold around Australia. You may have heard of Wildbrumby Schnapps and Kosciuszko Pale Ale which was originally brewed by the famous Chuck Hahn (whom I first met in the late 80s when my brother Ray and I  owned and operated a Liquour and Wine shop in Sydney’s Chippendale and we stocked his famous “first wave” craft beer  Hahn lager) Suffice to say “Jindie” the lake town takes its form in the rolling hills on the way up to the Kosciuszko National Park.

The reason I mention my old acquaintance Chuck Hahn is that he encouraged the ambitions and the talent of a young Brewmaster Karl Weiss who is a largely self-taught Brewmaster and son of my old mate tennis mate Eric ..who I hadn’t met for about 30 years. I had heard of the Weiss family’s beer-brewing venture Jindabyne Brewing from mutual friends, and after trying the Jindabyne Brewing Pilzener in Sydney, I resolved to make this one of my focal points in my big Snowy Mountains Tour. I arrived in Jindabyne on a very wet and rainy Friday evening,.and unable to reach Thredbo (where I was officially headed for a 3 day stay in a private room at the superb yet underrated YHA Ski Chalet opposite the main ski slope)..,..I ventured into Jindabyne Brewing only to discover a very full and busy Micro Brewery with numerous happy patrons sampling “the local nectar of the Gods.”

Now ,I wouldn’t call myself a Beer Expert, but certainly, there is an immense pleasure in sampling a freshly brewed  Craft beer from the Vat of a  Microbrewery as opposed to a bland and boring commercial Beer in a Pub,.. in my humble opinion. Now I have been to some pretty good breweries in my time,.. producing high-quality commercial beers including Boags in Hobart, Heineken in Amsterdam, and sampled freshly brewed Crown Lager at the Carlton United Breweries in Swanston street with my old boss Commissioner Tom Brack of the Federal Arbitration and Conciliation Commission,..after a Demarcation dispute hearing at the brewery!  Can you believe that!? Tom Brack was a good mate of the now-deceased “Guinness Book of Records Beer Drinking  Champion of the world”,… our own Bob Hawke,.. former Prime Minister and beer drinker extraordinaire! More recently I have tried some great craft beers like Little Creatures Pale Ale in the office,..the ever-popular Young Henrys which is a Newtown legend, and more recently a pretty tasty and hoppy  Balter XPA.

Jindabyne Microbrewery

For modern Beer Connoisseurs, this is one of the recommended stops during your trip to Jindabyne. They are open between 3 pm and 9 pm most days, as long as there is no private event booked!

Beer Connoisseurship at Jindabyne Brewing

Jindabyne Brewing overlooks Lake Jindabyne, providing a stunning backdrop as you enjoy the range of 6 unique beers and a tapas menu to accompany them. With a variety of beers on offer, with names such as Alpine Red X Ale, Hefe Veissbeir and Kiandra Golden Ale, you’ll soon find your favourite. Jindabyne Brewing has also become renowned for their smoked sausage hot dogs and just like their beers, are made in-house.

Jindabyne Brewing is actually located within walking distance of the town center, and the new facility has delightful lake views and its taproom has an inbuilt kitchen where the staff cooks a delicious but limited menu of Beer compatible meals such as Schnitzel with potato and  AND Saeurkaut and Lamb Skewers (from the surrounding paddocks) or even Calamari. …The food is simple yet delicious and everything is well executed. Incidentally, Ladies can elect to consume wine from the great range of Shut the Gate Clare Valley wines including a Top 100 awarded Riesling,..wines made available to the Dining area at Jindabyne brewing for those who prefer wines with their food. It is an established fact that many females aren’t inclined to drink as much beer as their male companions. There is a new outside dining region with tables and chairs to cater to the increased traffic. located you can admire the view while you partake in their enticing local brews. The Jindy Brewing establishment is as refreshing as its craft beers and you may find it difficult stopping at just one! No matter what activity you are doing or the weather in Jindabyne, you can get your fill of hearty tapas, share plates, and amazing skewers at Jindabyne Brewing.

Visitors to the brewery often have questions and the knowledgeable staff do their best to answer these. You can see the brewing vats within the venue, which makes for a wholesome educational experience.

Craft Beers on Tap

There is a large selection of craft beers on offer that you may not know where to start!

They have created their own Pilsner, Pale Ale, Golden Ale, Weissbier (a traditional German wheat beer) and even season brews are available at certain times of the year.

Beer range and descriptions

Island Bend Pilzner

Inspired by the Brewmaster’s Karl’s travels through Europe,.. and crafted with their own local soft snowmelt water. The  Pilz has a spicy, earthy aroma of traditional Saaz hops followed by a bold malt flavour with a clean and dry finish. Perfect after a day of activities on the mountain… or anywhere for that matter!

Kiandra Golden Ale

Clean and fresh like the mountain air in the old goldfield town of Kiandra. They use Australian Vic Secret hops grown on the southern side of the range which gives their  Golden Ale a fresh slightly fruity flavour and aroma.

Hefe Veiss Bier

A day on the mountain anywhere in the world isn’t complete without a traditional German wheat beer. A thick creamy head stands proud with delicate banana and clove flavours bursting out of its sweet malt backbone. As they say… “When in Rome do as the romans do.” So, when in the mountains you should have a Veiss. And if you’re not, why not have one and dream about being there!

5.1% ABV

440ml Can

“Weissbier is a traditional German wheat beer. True to the Hefeweizen style, this beer is unfiltered with a refreshing light amber colour. Find banana, clove and slightly sweet caramel malt aromas and flavours, it should be poured with a thick creamy head to help it reach its full potential.”



Alpine Red X

A new world dark lager, Jinabye Brewings  Red is a little bit of everything – just like the weather in the mountains. It’s a little bit malty from full flavoured specialty malts and a little bit IPA from multiple doses of mosaic hops. It’s a little bit stronger, but still clean and dry making it a big bit more-ish!

Jindabyne Brewery owners Brewmaster Karl Veiss with father and partner Eric Veiss


On my recent visit, I encountered some really delightful and discriminating Beer connoisseurs-enjoying the Jindabyne experience!

Eat  and  Drink

Jindabyne MicroBreweries offers a short well-curated and planned Menu of compatible foods. The core menu consists of skewers and share plates. They change the menu around a little adjusting to the seasons.. and they also have monthly specials. Whilst they will try to accommodate dietary requirements this is not always possible in a small kitchen. They do, however, always have vegetarian and/or vegan options available. Because Jindabyne is also a popular location for such sports activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, and sailing people may have a good appetite and require fuel,..

No matter what activity you are doing or the weather in Jindabyne, you can get your fill of hearty tapas, share plates, and amazing Lamb skewers from locally sourced free-range grass-fed Lamb at Jindabyne Brewing.


For lovers of beer, this is one of the recommended stops during your trip to Jindabyne. They are open between 3 pm and 9 pm most days, as long as there is no private event booked!


Interior wall showcasing the regional history


So in summary, for lovers of beer, and beer connoisseurs, this is one of the recommended stops during your trip to Jindabyne.

They are generally open between 3 pm and 9 pm most days, as long as there is no private event booked or they are not Canning Beer which is a big operation! Make sure you arrive early on Fridays and Saturdays,..when they are busy with happy locals and tourists alike.


Jindabyne Brewing Cellar Door

Hours:      Open Wednesday to Sunday 3-9 pm

Address:   5 Nettin Circuit, Jindabyne, NSW, 2627

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