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Breakfast or Lunch back on at Beach House, Balmoral Beach

Written by Aksel Ritenis



Breakfast or Lunch back on at Beach House, Balmoral Beach


After the destruction and lockdowns caused by the Covid 19 epidemic,…it is so good to finally return to some of our favourite haunts and one of these must shirely be the relaxed and understated Beachouse !
Now with a fresh sense of optimism and “joie de vie”,… We  can look forward to a beautiful spring simmer leading up to Christmas   enjoying another “sunny and warm autumn weather ” and revisiting    one of our favourite haunts,…So if you are wondering what has changed and if any of the old favourites remain on the Menu,..we are here to give you a full report.
Eggs Atlantic-Poached Eggs with Smoked Salmon,Spinach and Hollondaise Sauce,Chives served on Sourdough Toast
After an “invigorating swim at Balmoral Beach”,.. the BeachHouse  is quite a favourite with locals and Tourists alike,.. my regular  breakfasts after the daily at Beachouse l are always  “bellisimo”,…typically its a  perfect sunny day and in an invigourated state after my swim,…I look forward to a great “Atlantic Breakfast” featuring Smoked salmon with Eggs & Hollandaise Sauce on a bed of Spinach for a modest …the the large flatwhite with double shot is always aromatic ,…(the key being freshly ground beans and a clean porta filter ,..which holds the ground coffee),..needless to say the Coffee is always aromatic ,..
BEACHOUSE BY GPO  has a modern Mediterranean style menu,..perhaps verging on Modern Australian,.. in view of the fact that we have pretty well absorbed the Italian as part of our own “Modern Australian” kitchen!
There is not much on the menu that WE  haven’t sampled at this relaxed, unpretentious establishment over the last four  years,…
“The interior decor and views are soothing,. and the place is stylish in a minimalist sort of way as it should be ,….let the seaside speak for itself!”
I have always found the service excellent and the predominantly Italian hospitality staff professional and friendly!
Recently,.. I discovered a Great new Wine List at Beachouse ! 
My latest discovery over Lunch today, the Wine List ,with a couple of great “Summery Roses”,…currently all the rage in Sydney and globally,……
As a wine retailer who has graduated to Blogging and Publishing ,…I love a short simple Wine List ,..(or for that matter Menu),….it really smacks of honesty,…ask any wine critic!!?….
Many wine lists really are conceived as a device approximating “Smoke and Mirrors”,.. which are “designed to confuse and bamboozle you into  ordering a downright expensive wine” out of sheer embarrassment (not to display your ignorance or indecision),…
Selecting a wine can be an intimidating process for the indecisive and less confident,…But not here,.. its short and simple! Sweet!
No pretences,…no “B-S” or ridiculous wine margins approaching 300% that one encounters in some of the fancy Bucket List places!!!
They actually have a couple of great Italian wines such as Fantine Farnese Abbruzzo Rose or a De Bortoli’s La Bossa Pinot Grigio  made right here in “Stralia” ,...
Both of these wines are well under $10.00 per glass ,…How good is that!?
Try $8.50 for the Fantini Farnese Rose,made in Abruzzo,Italy! 
Incidentally if you remember  from “days of old” when Italian wines were anaemic in character and slightly oxidized,.after  sitting in a hot Wine Wholesalers Warehouse…then please don’t worry!
These days the wine is much “more concentrated and flavoursome” (the Italians use modern Technology too and have stolen all the Aussie New World Winemakers technology from the flyingwinemakers doing off seasons in Italy!)
Also Italian wines have reached a new popularity in Australia , the stock turnover is very quick and they are serving recent fresh vintages!If your after . a few bottles try Amato’s in Norton Street Leichardt, for a great range at honest prices, but I would be lying if we didnt acknowledge the presence of some good italian wines at Dan Murphy!
Also recentrly  I had a very tasty and freshly made Lunch Special to with “Scallops & Prawn Salad”comprising Pan Seared Scallops and Prawns with Grapefruit,Fennel,Witlof and Olives Salad with some Italian bread ,, butter as you would expect,…“Bellissimo”!
Oh,.. I washed it down with the Fantina Farnese Abbruzzo ROSE,…. Truly delicious and I wine I have consumed,… and even sold “as a marchant de vins” in a previous life  in Europe several years ago,…
So I reckon,.. you could do much worse then have a late Breakfast or Mothers Day Lunch at Beachouse !
If you overstay your breakfast session and cant drag yourself away back to reality,..and find your now lunching,.. consider the authentic Italian styel  Antipasta board below!
P.S. Oh by the way,.. I just noticed that they have listed Gosset Champagne ,Brut Grande Reserve  at $115.00,….pretty damn good when the RRP is over $80.00!
Hope they have some freshly shucked oysters!
Happy Dining and Good Hunting!
Axel Ritenis
Editor@SydneyTimesFoodGuide on Instagram


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