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Barcelona pastry chef creates ‘Three Kings’ crypto-cake sold in Bitcoins Spain

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Barcelona pastry chef creates ‘Three Kings’ crypto-cake sold in Bitcoins Spain,



Barcelona Business and Economics- Light news January 5, 2022

The owner of a Barcelona bakery decided to add a dash of ‘innovation’ to the recipe of the traditional “roscon de Reyes” literally translated to ‘kings cake’ by adding gold to a bun that can be paid for with Bitcoin, as can be seen on Tuesday in the Escriba bakery. Footage shows the careful process of elaborating the ‘Crypto Tortell’, a roscon with gold-plated ingredients that hides a 24k coin that symbolises bitcoins.

“For a long time I’ve been hearing about bitcoin, I’ve been hearing about metaverse, I’ve been hearing about cryptocurrencies, I’ve been hearing about a world I didn’t know about. So as I see that people are talking about it more and more every day, it occurred to me to merge this new way of paying, a thing that is new with a traditional, I can say ancestral, like a roscon de Reyes. So I’m interested in doing this get-together,” said Christian Escriba, the pastry chef behind the idea. Denis Ramirez, Escriba’s cryptocurrency advisor added that “we have added paying with Coinbase, which is the platform we use.

So the customer who wants to pay with bitcoins will simply have to choose this option, and a window will automatically open with the address of our bitcoin wallet in the form of a QR, and below the exact amount of bitcoins, they will have to send. This amount will also depend on the price volatility at that time.

” The Crypto Tortell sells for 59 euros (66 US dollars) and can be picked up in the shop or delivered to your home, but only in the city of Barcelona.

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