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Australian Liquor stores remove Russian vodka from shelves in show of solidarity with Ukraine 

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Australian Liquor stores remove Russian vodka from shelves in show of solidarity with Ukraine

Endeavour Group which owns leading retail Stores Dan Murphy,BWS have announced the removal of all Russian Vodka products including leading brand Russian vodka’s such as Russian Standard and Beluga to be pulled from shelves   in support for Ukraine. The Endeavour Group which also owns Cellarmasters and Jimmy Brings said in a statement it was “joining the calls for peace”.

A Company spokesperson further explained:

“As an organisation, Endeavour Group is deeply concerned with the situation in Ukraine and we join the calls for peace.

“Following feedback from a variety of stakeholders, we have decided to remove products of Russian origin from our stores, hotels and online businesses in the coming days.The decision to pull beverages, namely vodka, from shelves had been made in response to calls from the Ukrainian Australian community.”


Empty shelves in the Vodka spirits category at a Dan Murphy store in Sydney

A  Sydney Times survey of leading Endeavour Group stores in the Eastern suburbs confirmed that the product has in fact been removed ,. with many empty shelf spaces appearing in the Spirits/Vodka  category,..and Endeavour Group has confirmed this action is being taken in over 350 group stores across the country.

The move came after lobbying from Ukrainian Australians who had called for a boycott. Stefan Romaniw, who  is the Chair of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations urged  Prime Minister Scott Morrison to “go harderwhen it came to condemning Russia and the invasion.”

In addition to boycotting Russian products,..Mr Romaniw asked the prime minister to close the Russian consulate, cancel visas for Russian visitors and ban all goods from the eastern European country. “


The main products affected at Dan Murphy appear to be :
Beluga Noble Russian Vodka

-Beluga Vodka Allure 

-Russian Standard  Original

-Russian Standard Gold Vodka 


It is understood that Coles liquor retail stores Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and First Choicehave also joined calls to boycott the products.

A company representative is quoted as saying:

The thoughts of everyone at Coles Liquor are with the people of Ukraine and we hope for a peaceful resolution to the current crisis as soon as possible.” 

According to a SKY news report,..a spokesman said “We have engaged with our suppliers on community concerns regarding the sale and distribution of Russian-sourced products, and resolved to remove a number of Russian-sourced drinks from sale.”

Our own Sydney Times “Store Survey” indicated that whilst Endeavour Group has moved with lightning speed,..Coles is being slow to implement this action as most Coles Group stores we surveyed,.. still have Russian product.e.g. Beluga brand Vodka  on the shelves.

According to company representatives however, “The withdrawal will be executed across our store network in coming days.”

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