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The 7 th annual Smartfone Flick Fest (SF3) has concluded – apart from continuing
online viewing and audience voting. And Australian films have scooped the lion’s
share of the awards – and $50,000 worth of prizes – which include mentorships,
classes, memberships, apps, lenses, mics, phones and tablets… plus much more.

The full program of 70+ films – all shot on phones – were screened over 27-28 February at Sydney’s
Chauvel Cinema and the Actors Centre Australia.

First time film maker Andrew Robb of Sunshine in Victoria won Best Film and (equal) Best Editing for
his quaint, feel-good, stop-action film Odd One Out.

Camperdown filmmaker Remy Brand won Best Cinematography, Best Documentary and (equal) Best
Editing for the spectacular Cold Water Therapy – about surfing in Alaska!

17yo First Nations filmmaker – and already an SF3 veteran from previous years in junior categories –
Sandringham’s Kara Rose won Best Female Creative and the inaugural First Nations Award (which
carries with it a rich package of technical and mentorship prizes including with Stan Grant, Wayne
Blair and Jon Bell!

West Ryde’s Joel Phillips won the Founders’ Flick Pick for the delightful Earth1 and Hoostin (starring
his son and set in a toy spaceship in his backyard during lockdown); while Epping’s Jimmy Gannon
was Best Cinematography Runner-Up for the dramatic, chilling Negatives.

English actor and filmmaker Chris Overton (who won the 2021 Oscar for his short film The Silent
Child) won best director for Leader with his collaborator Rachel Shenton winning best Screenplay.
The film had its world premiere screening at SF3.
In the SF3 Kids section, winners included Chifley’s Isabelle Le Souef for Old Enough (Best Teen Film,
Best Director and equal Best Screenplay); while Clovelly’s Amelie Kordina-Barker won equal Best
Screenplay and Best Actress for Do Aliens Exist? Bondi’s Lily Klugman won Best Film by a Primary
School student with Final Score; and Best Editor was Thirroul’s William Haynes for Dear John.
Bondi’s Joshua Belinfante won the Best Mini Film for his cheesy stop action film We Brielong

Together while Caringbah’s Narelle Nash won Runner-up and won the special new Community and
Diversity Award for Tessa Time.

Two extraordinary Australian films shared the full-length Feature Award: One Punch by Burwood, Vic
based AFTRS graduate Darcy Yuille and Misplaced – a stunning debut movie from Marrickville’s
James Demitri about grief and mental health.
All award-winning films (including the finalist SF360 (360 degree) movies will continue to screen
online until 13 March at

While thrilled to host two days of sell-out live screenings, founders and festival
directors Angela Blake and Ali Crew said that throughout the pandemic and
snap lockdowns around the world, filmmakers had become more innovative
than ever.

“Smartphones have enabled them to tell their stories during these extraordinary times,”
said Angela. Ali added: “With hard borders coming down – SF3 has brough filmmakers together
from across the country (and the world!) for a true celebration of creativity and ingenuity.”


SF3 2021 Gala Awards Final – prize winners (Feb 26/27 2022)
SF3 Best Film – Odd One Out by Andrew Robb (SUNSHINE, VIC)
SF3 People's Choice – TBA
SF3 Best Director – Chris Overton for Leader – UK
SF3 Best Cinematography – Cold Water Therapy by Remy Brand (CAMPERDOWN)
SF3 Best Cinematography Runner-Up – Negatives by Jimmy Gannon (EPPING)
SF3 Best Screenplay – Leader by Rachel Shenton (UK)
SF3 Best Actor – Govinda Roser for The Scharzschild Radius
SF3 Best Actress – Stephanie Arezzi for Year of May
SF3 Best Documentary – Today I Will Live by Nico Piro & Cold Water Therapy by Remy Brand (CAMPERDOWN)
SF3 Best Editing – Odd One Out by Andrew Robb (as abv) & Cold Water Therapy by Remy Brand (as abv)
SF3 First Nations Award – Kara Rose for eight minutes forty six seconds – SANDRINGHAM
SF3  Luma Touch Finished on Mobile Award – Benjamin Lapierre for 9h17 – LYON, FRANCE
SF3 Community & Diversity Award – Narelle Nash for Tessa Time (CARINGBAH)
SF3 Founders Flick Pick – Earth1 and Hoostin by Joel Phillips (WEST RYDE)
SF3 FILMBREAKER Award – Dance Bots by Damien Warren-Smith
SF3 Best Original Score Award – Damien Slingsby for Dance Bots
SF3  WIFT Australia Best Female Creative Award – Kara Rose: eight minutes forty six seconds – SANDRINGHAM
SF3 Kids Best Film Award Teens – Old Enough by Isabelle Le Souef (CHIFLEY)
SF3 Kids Best Film Award Primary School – Final Score by Lily Klugman (BONDI)
SF3 Kids Best Director – Old Enough by Isabelle Le Souef (CHIFLEY)
SF3 Kids Best Cinematography – The Typewriter by Eli Berliner (NY, USA))
SF3 Kids Best Screenplay – Old Enough by Isabelle Le Souef (CHIFLEY)
Do Aliens Exist? by Amélie Kordina-Barker (CLOVELLY)
SF3 Kids Best Editing – Dear John by William Haynes (THIRROUL, NSW)
SF3 Kids Best Actor – Dean Foundis-Borett for Final Score
SF3 Kids Best Actress – Amélie Kordina-Barker for Do Alien Exist? (CLOVELLY)
SF3 Best Mini Film International Winner – On The Rise by Courtney Coker
SF3 Best Mini Film Int’l Runner-Up – bee-roll by Alexandra Guillossou & ASSIMILATE by Brionne Olsen
SF3 Best Mini Film Australian Winner – We Brielong Together by Joshua Belinfante (BONDI)
SF3 Best Mini Film Australian Runner-Up – Tessa Time by Narelle Nash (CARINGBAH)

and My Wonderful Day at the Beach by Thomas Midena

SF360 Best Film – TBA
SF3 Best Feature Film Award Winners – MISPLACED by James Demitri (MARRICKVILLE) – produced by
Lismore’s Mark Montgomery (and featuring 9yo Maximo Montgomery!; and One Punch by Darcy Yuille

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