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ATO Backing small business in 2023

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ATO Backing small business in 2023

-Supporting small business is a partnership says ATO leader Will Day.

7 December 2022

Heading into 2023 I’d like to reflect on the year we’ve been through. Times have been challenging; we’re still coming out of COVID and natural disasters continue to affect many businesses.

That’s why at the ATO, we remain committed to supporting small businesses like yours meet your tax and super obligations. Our focus is on helping you get it right and supporting you if you make a mistake.

For example, we know that tax probably isn’t your first priority if you’re confronted by a natural disaster, so we’ve been flexible with lodgments and other obligations, giving businesses some space to re-engage when the time is right.

We want small business to get the help they need so they can survive and thrive and continue to make a valuable contribution to the Australian economy. We know small business contributes as employers, as service providers and as contributors to the tax system that pays for education, health and many more services for the community.

We understand how tough the environment is, and that’s why I’m proud to highlight some of the important ways we’ll continue to support small businesses in 2023.

For those thinking about starting a business, expanding your current business or just needing help with meeting your obligations, a good place to start is visiting the new to business resources on our website.

If you’ve been affected by natural disasters, get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

Managing cash flow is critical for small business sustainability and success in challenging times. The Cash Flow Coaching Kit has a range of tools to make it easy for you and your tax adviser to analyse your current cash flow situation and implement a plan for business growth or get you through a temporary setback.

Launching in 2023 is our new ‘Essentials to strengthen your small business’ website.

This will be a one-stop-shop for short, free and flexible online courses that will sharpen your knowledge of tax, super and the core aspects of effective small business management. We will share more information in the months ahead.

Financial stress causes mental and emotional stress. If you need help, we encourage you to reach out to the mental health program NewAccess for Small Business OwnersExternal Link. Additionally, our own Supporting your small business and Support in difficult times resources may help you.

In 2023, we’ll keep supporting small business, doing all we can to make it easier for you to meet your tax and super obligations and attain your goals.

All the best for 2023 from me and the ATO small business team.

Supporting small business is a partnership says ATO leader Will Day.

Will Day

Deputy Commissioner, Small business program

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