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SydneyTimes Food Guide Publicity Offer 

SPRING  Promotion Package -$250 


During the Winter  period  we are offering a Special $250 Promotional Package  for 

Gourmet Food Retailers and Producers,Providores, Pubs  Restaurants and P Wine bars and Cafes

who wish to be included in the Sydney Times Food Guide

.Advertisng ,..You only Pay an Admin Fee!

Advertorial and Marketing for Your Product or services* on the Sydney Times Website

For the Following Categories–

Restaurants and Hotels



Dear Sir/Madam,

We are pleased to offer you Free Advertorial Content on our new website as part of the launching of our new English language Wine/Food/Travel & Lifestyle magazine Connoisseur Magazine website We are currently loading the website with informative and entertaining articles, related information (e.g. cultural agenda, advertising and links to other relevant websites).

Naturally, we are interested in providing our growing readership with relevant information about ”the Finer things in Life,’’ whether it is dinner in a great restaurant, a good bottle of wine, exciting travel, a new fragrance, exquisite jewellery, or an expensive artwork auctioned by Christie’s.

Whilst the website is in the development phase, and our web traffic indicators are yet to be established, we are offering a selected group of Companies the unique opportunity to have their profile, products, goods or services, displayed on our website free of advertising charges*-You just Pay Admin fees ,..but still get a lot of Benefits e.g. SEO Rankingsa and for a little blast on our Social media .

* You pay only the nominal administrative charge of € 50 Euros for the uploading of your text and graphics onto the prestigious Connoisseur website. (Pursuant to our Uploading Service Fee schedule.)

Your restaurant or hotel will appear in the appropriate category as an advertorial using your supplied information (texts and graphics) under one of the following categories:

  • –  Restaurants
  • –  Travel
  • –  City Guide(All located and logically displayed on the Connoisseur Magazine toolbar.)Special Offer – no advertising charges for 3 months for selected clients!!!This offer is available to you as one of a select group of prestige listed clients on the Connoisseur Publishing database. Your establishment will appear along with other select and prestigious companies.


1) Prestigious reference site for your product or service –

By posting your advertorial material or business information onto the Connoisseur Magazine website, and by establishing a link back to your own website, we offer you the opportunity to use Connoisseur Magazine as a reference site for your products and services. It will also provide useful marketing information to traffic coming directly through the Connoisseur Magazine website.

2) Website links and Google
The new initiative also provides the opportunity to post Your Link or advertorial content onto our website which contains article reviews, Blog postings and high quality graphics in any of the numerous categories.

Watch and follow the development of the website at

3) Low cost

Before our website is officially launched, it will be loaded up with diverse editorial content and useful links.

Reasons for participating:
– Low cost
– Pay only the nominal administrative charge for uploading

The website will complement our seasonal quarterly print magazine distributed internationally.

Our Sales and Marketing catalogue in PDF format for information regarding the advertising and brand-building opportunities offered in this high quality publication can also been seen at

We look forward to hearing back from you, and to providing you with cost-effective advertising and marketing in our exciting new venture.

Yours faithfully,

Axel Ritenis

Publishing Editor

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Aksel Ritenis

Publisher and Custodian of the Sydney Times

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