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Enjoy Fresh Australian Seafood on a Budget!


 Enjoy Fresh Australian Seafood on a Budget!

While Sydney Fish Market provides some of the best value and quality seafood in Australia, many people often still view seafood as one of the more expensive proteins out there. Studies show that most Australians are not eating the recommended amount of seafood each week, and often cost can be a barrier to Aussies getting their fishy fix!

One of the best ways to enjoy seafood on a budget is by purchasing a type of fish you haven’t heard of before. While demand for fish like Barramundi and Flathead is high, thus driving the price up, there are a lot of species that are just as delicious but don’t have the same reputation, and are therefore much cheaper.

Try one of these recipes this weekend and save some money in the process!


Thanks to their evenly distributed fat and decent oil levels, Leatherjacket remains one of our most versatile yet still one of our cheapest fish. Usually sold as skinned trunks (the skin is inedibly tough, hence the name), this fish can be cooked as is, as fillets, or in cutlets. Forgiving to cook, the options with this fish are plentiful – braised in sauce, encrusted with nuts and pan-fried, in a curry… you name it!

You can consistently find Leatherjacket for under $15/kg: order it for home delivery from Nicholas Seafoods here.

Leatherjacket with Burnt Butter & Capers

Recipe Here

Leatherjackets with Pistachio & Olive Crust

Recipe Here


Your favourite fish’s favourite fish, Mullet have been loved by those in the know for tens of thousands of years in Australia, everywhere on the east coast. All Mullet share an uncommonly high levels of omega-3 in their generously distributed fat, and it is the flavour in this fat that is the secret to their appeal. To get the most out of this fish, work with the fat by barbecuing, roasting, or grilling.

At the peak of the autumn Mullet run on the NSW coast, the price can get as low at $2/kg, though they usually retail for closer to $5 to $8/kg for whole fish. Order your own from Claudio’s here (they will clean, scale, gut, and fillet it for you upon request).

Barbecued Chermoula Mullet Fillets

Recipe Here

Mullet Baked in Paper Parcels

Recipe Here


Gould’s Squid

One of Sydney’s locally caught squid, this species is caught out to sea, either by jig or trawl, and ranges across the entire southern half of Australia, with most of the catch coming from the south east.

Due mostly to the fact that it is easy to catch in numbers, Gould’s Squid historically has a low price, with retail prices hovering around $8-12/kilo. This makes it one of the best value cephalopods available.

As easy to cook as any other squid, the slightly thicker flesh allows not just calamari rings or a quick BBQ, but a slow braising in an oven for maximum tenderness.

Squid & Fennel Bruschetta

Recipe Here

Crumbed Squid Rings

Recipe Here


Smaller, fast-growing fish species are cheap and abundant: think short-lived schooling fish that are low on the food chain like Garfish, Sardines, Blue Mackerel, and smaller varieties of Whiting. Small, short-lived fish tend to be more sustainable than longer-living varieties, and have the added bonus of generally being lower in price.

Found in shallow, coastal waters almost everywhere in Australia, the Garfish is one of the few species in Australia that could be said to have lost popularity over time. This is almost certainly due to the preponderance of very fine bones coming off their spine, even though they’re so fine that they can be eaten with no discomfort. Order Garfish from Claudios (here), or replace it in these recipes with Eastern School WhitingSand Whiting or Blue Mackerel.

Butterflied Garfish Fried in a Crisp Coating

Recipe Here

Skewered Butter & Mustard Garfish Rolls

Recipe Here
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