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Written by Aksel Ritenis

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Because of numerous Cybersecurity threats and concerns and in order to remain commercially viable(in the current Covid 19 induced advertising downturn) the management of the Sydney Times is implementing a Membership Plan system from 1 May 2021.
Readers will need to log in and register for a Membership Plan to access any content on our site  ONLY Readers with an active subscription will be able to access the Sydney Times site. There are a variety of Plans (subscriptions) on offer starting with the Standard Plan, the Student or Concession  Plan, and the Premium Plan which will give readers access to separate pages such as the following:
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You will also gain access to our News Aggregator where we share Curated News and Headlines from around the World !
Because we are a Community service and information provider  offering  Free content and information to all and sundry, not sustainable.
We don’t consider this to be a Paywall in the strict sense of the word,..but merely a means of controlling access and traffic to the site including our competitors from the Mainstream media and malicious Cyber Hackers iand Foreign actors,..ntent in on stealing content or inflicting damage .
In order to facilitate the masthead’s ability to produce and improve the quality of the content offered. we also need to monetize our content as does every publisher with increasingly frantic discount offers.
(You can read about the general setup and the Mission Statement  of the Sydney Times in our comprehensive Users Guide.)
For existing readers and those who have signed up for a Newsletter,.in order to facilitate our Reader’s and members’ unfettered access during this period of the Membership Plan introduction stage, there is available an Obligation-free 30 days Free Trial Offer.
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Whilst our Standard Plan is actually $8.00 a month ,..We have a Special Memberships Launch Offer available in June where you can become a Member (and Receive Full Access and our Newsletter) for the Special Price of $1.00 per week,…(which works out at $4.00 the price of a small Campo’s Coffee ) per Month,…You can renew at the same price NO Tricks when the annual subscription expires. Again no “Cheap Intro and then ramp up the Price tricks” at the Sydney Times!
That is why we call it the “No tricks Plan”,..You have heard of NoBirds right,..BECAUSE we don’t play trick or deceive like the trashy tabloid we have loved to hate published by you know who,..We want you to be part of our community,and Help Build an alternative to the we proudly offer,..So we Offer this No Tricks Plan!This is also your investment in Sydney’s Future,..Help us built an alternative!
Your membership fee will help the ST to pay non-biased journalists and copy editors to compile and share important news and Lifestyle content as well as carry Sydney Community publicity articles and information. Also low cost publicity for Sydney or NSW Non Profit organizations and a host of other considerations,including a plan to reduce the general cost of advertising during the pandemic induced economic downturn.

We can’t go on getting brainwashed by the Manipulators on the Mainstream,right?..It is all very well signing a Petition sponsored by former Prime Ministers Rudd and Turnbull to investigate the pernicious Murdoch Newscorp empire ,..but we need to take other more concrete action to reduce their control of the media and reduce the influence of  Mainstream media that the former PM’s justifiably are concerned about ,…
This is step one forward ,..We need to build an  alternative! By subscribing and becoming part of the community,..
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Maybe you want to dig up some information about past Art Exhibitions ,..or you want to check some NSW State Gov news in the Archives ,…,..or find a different perspective from the mainstream..Welcome aboard!

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