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Top 5 Things to do in Thredbo this Summer! 

Photo attribution: Sheldon Flaxman

*Top 5 Things to do in Thredbo this Summer! 

 *This article was written by Sheldon Flaxman who lives and works in Thredbo and has a keen interest in Photography and Bushwalking

Main Range Loop/10 Peaks Hike 

One of the top things to do in Kosciusko National Park is the Main Range Loop, and if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not conquer the 10 Highest Summits in the region while you’re at it?  


The Main Range Loop is a 22km trail that can be tackled in a day, the trailhead starts and finishes at the Charlottes Pass Car Park and is estimated 7-9hrs to complete. You’ll experience panoramic views of the Main Range while crossing rivers and passing some of Australia’s only glacial lakes.   


If you’re up for more of a challenge, you can spend a couple of nights out on the mountain and bag some peaks while you’re at it. The 10 Peaks Hike follows the Main Range Loop and diverges several times to bag some peaks. This isn’t a hike to take lightly, so make sure you contact the local parks office in Jindabyne for more information, maps and to register your trip intention.  


Photo attribution: Sheldon Flaxman

Blue Lake Hike 

After something a little shorter? Blue Lake can be reached within an hour’s hike from the Charlottes Pass parking lot. This short 10km return hike is a great choice for both a day hike or an overnighter. Pro-tip check this place out during the shoulder seasons. Crowds will be thinner, and a dusting of snow brings out the blue in the water.  

Photo attribution: Sheldon Flaxman

Historical Huts 

There are many huts scattered around KNP, three of which are nice and accessible from Thredbo itself. The most accessible being Seamans Hut which is located near Rawson Pass, on the way to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko. The second most accessible is Cascade Hut, a nice hike through a forested valley with plenty of wild brumby to see. Our favourite is a little harder to get to, but well worth the effort. Cootapatamba Hut covered in its trademark coat of bright red paint is hard to miss and can be seen on the hike up to Mt Kosciuszko. There is a small path that runs parallel to the river from Cootapatamba Lake down to the hut, itovergrown and difficult to spot so keep your eyes peeled. 

Photo attribution: Sheldon Flaxman

Ramshead Ranges 

The Ramshead Ranges are one of the most unique areas in the region. A landscape littered with giant granite tors offers infinite places to explore. Summiting North Ramshead is a must, it’s a scramble to the top but proves to be a fun and exciting climb with stunning views. To reach the Ramshead Ranges you must divert Off-Trail so be sure to contact the local parks office for more information.  


Photo attribution: Sheldon Flaxman

Sunset on Mt Kosciusko  

Witnessing a sunset from the highest point in Australia is truly something special. The last chairlift up is at 4 pm, once the lift stops, so do the crowds! You can return to Thredbo by descending the Merits Nature Track by torchlight and you’ll get to witness the forest come alive with our nocturnal wildlife. If you are up for something a little more relaxed, simply take the trail from Charlottes Pass instead. 


Whether you’re in town to do some Day Hikes or plan to undertake an ambitious Multiday Trek. The YHA is the perfect place to base yourself, plan your excursions, and return for a warm shower and cozy beds that won’t break your budget!   

All Photo attribution: Sheldon Flaxman


Contact Details for YHA Thredbo to make an enquiry or booking

Address:      2 Buckwong Place, Thredbo, NSW 2625


Telephone:  02 64576376


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