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$575.00 Publicity Package” on Connoisseur MAGAZINE 

10 Year Anniversary  “€575.00 Publicity Package” on Connoisseur MAGAZINE 

Showcasing “the Finer things in Life” since 2009

Dear Readers, Friends, Colleagues, and Collaborators!

*10 year Anniversary  Publicity Package -Euros €575-

*Limit 10 only-First come first serve basis


First 3 acceptors Enter the Draw to win a  Bottle of BOLLINGER Special Cuvee Champagne!


By ordering a publicity package you Save 40 % on our regular Fee for Branded Content and Publicity Rates 

Connoisseur MAGAZINE launched in London in 2009 and we promised: *to showcase the Finer things in Life!

*In fact we practically invented the term “to showcase a product or service” as it was not a commonly used expression- a showcase was a noun, to wit,.. a glass cabinet!

Connoisseur MAGAZINE operates as a seasonal magazine online, which is a showcase for ‘The Finer Things in Life’ be they:

  • Fine Arts And Antiques
  • Jewelry, Watches, and collectables.
  • Cultural experiences (Opera, Theatre, Dance, Ballett)
  • Fine wines And Gastronomy
  • Luxury Travel and Wine Travel
  • Real estate and property or belonging to the realm of
  • Design, Entertainment, Luxury Automobiles, and Luxury Lifestyle, etc., 


We continue with this formula now in 2019,…Nothing has changed in 10 years,and our Readers, both Aficionados and Trade followers are under no illusions about our publishing objectives and subject matter

“They have a clear vision of what Connoisseurs are concerned with ..We have remained true to our original charter,…and the fact that we are one of the most copied Luxury &  Lifestyle magazines,..albeit with a focus on Wine and Art,..reinforces our resolve and  serves to legitimize our mission, spite of continued “hostility and dirty tricks  from the mainstream media organizations “

Connoisseur MAGAZINE  now has a considerable Trade Following with thousands of Wine and Luxury Hotel professionals regularly seeking out our content and keeping in touch with the Connoisseur MAGAZINE  platform and community through OUR social media PLATFORM,..especially Linkedin!

Despite our modest size and resources  Connoisseur MAGAZINE actually played a significant role in provoking a massive development of this sector at the time of our launch,..with so many “copy cat” magazines mimicking our style,..and helping to spawn a generation of “Wine and Food Bloggers and Influencers”.

Proof of this is the fact that there were 50,000 Downloads of our Marketing Collateral PDF’s and our

In contrast to the raving Bloggers and Influences who “pop up like mushrooms after rain” ,..they fortunately,..disappear just as fast ,.and are too self-absorbed to make the necessary sacrifices,…and we are amongst the few that  continue to be a reference point for many other magazine titles and publishers 10 years later!

We are offering only 10x Publicity Packages to our Friends, Trade Colleagues and Collaborators, who represent iconic brands that align with our core values and will appeal to our readers and extensive Trade oriented readers, Connections and Followers!

*This offer comprises a 2-3 two page Branded Content article using your High res images and Brande Copy  Texts,..on the Connoisseur MAGAZINE Website

We can also place content on our other websites in ASIA, the US or Australia.

*In addition, the article will be broadcast to our Social media connections on Linkedin, and Facebook numbering over  50,000 Readers/Followers!

-Our articles help consolidate your SEO rankings and attract considerable attention from clients or potential clients of your products or services!

We have had over one million readers in our 10-year history and there are not many Wine or Luxury Lifestyle aficionados who haven’t heard of Connoisseur Magazine!

Our best ranking features and articles,..have achieved 30,000 impressions and average up to 14,000 impressions per post! 

Ironically, our best ranking article was a Fashion feature, Salvatore Ferragamo, shoes with over 50,000 impressions primarily from US-based readers!

Find new customers/clients, increase sales and improve your business performance with our package including  SEO shaping Branded Content articles,.. crafted by our team of writers OR Use your own existing Copy and High Res images!

Connoisseur Magazine operates 4 websites in different regions,… and we have registered well over 1 million readers over the last ten years, with many returns and regular readers of our global sites!


Our articles and content achieve excellent Google and SEO rankings and whilst we can’t always guarantee the first page we can certainly give it shake, certainly there is no harm having your Brand connected with Connoisseur Magazine on Google!

Our Readers are  Connoisseurs, with an obsession for Fine Wine, Art, and Luxury Lifestyle not necessarily in that order!

Many of our loyal readers,..and followers who relate to the Connoisseur Brand concept,…are  drawn from the ranks of the Trade,..being professional Wine Producers ,Wine Trade Importers and Mangers Mangers,, Retailers Hotel and Restaurant managers and staff, Sommeliers,  and of course professional employed in the Arts& Culture sector and Luxury Goods sectors.,Iconic Brands

“As you would expect Connoisseur MAGAZINE has a strict editorial policy and approach  of promoting “the  Finer Things in Life” and this translates into promoting only well established and highly respected brands,(or emerging brands of impeccable providence)..and iconic products and services,.. commensurate with the philosophy of our own brand.”

Reader Demographics 

45 % of our readers are based in Europe and 40% based in the US with 15 % in ASIA and Australia and 5 % elsewhere!

We generally keep our articles online for several years, archiving good compelling content for posterity,…after all do you throw a good book away!?

 PUBLICITY PARTNERS and  Endorsements 

Our current Publicity Partners include a formidable range of prestige and iconic brands including:

MOMA, Christie’s, Shangri-La Hotels, Baron Phillipe de Rothschild, MOMA Metropolitan Museum of Arts NY, Bentley, Wimbledon, Rolex, Belmond, CHAPOUTIER, ANTINORI.FRESCOBALDI, RODA, Zachy’s Fine Wine Auctions, Marchesi de Barolo, National Gallery London, VINEXPO, Qatar Airlines, London Wine Trade Fair, BENTLEY, ROLLS ROYCE, FERRARI, TATE MODERN, ICE, National Gallery London, ICEX, Champagneetc.,


Reach our global audience and your connections on Linkedin or FB when we broadcast your content to our 50,000 social media connections,..and thousands of Connoisseur Readers in Europe, the  USA, the UK, and the Asia Pacific region, and Canada!

Contact Publishing Editor Axel Ritenis

Email: OR

Or contact me on Linkedin Axel Ritenis where I have 30,000 Followers and a who’s who of the Wine and Luxury goods sector!

We are  offering 10 Publicity Packages to iconic brands that align with our core values and will appeal to our readers and extensive Trade oriented Mailing List

This offer comprises a 2-3 two page Branded Content article on the Connoisseur Magazine Website

We can also place content on our other websites in ASIA, the US or Australia.

In addition, the article will be broadcast to our Social media connections on Linkedin, and Facebook numbering around 40,000 readers and our mailing list over 50,000. Our articles consolidate your SEO rankings and attract considerable attention from clients or potential clients of your products or services!

We have had over a million readers in our  10-year history. Our best ranking features and articles ,..have achieved 30,000 impressions+  and average up to 14,000 impressions per post! Our best ranking article was a feature, Salvatore Ferragamo, shoes with over 40,000 impressions primarily from US-based readers!


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