Home Hospitality 2GB’s Ben Fordham is taking on Uber Eats-Sign the Petition!

2GB’s Ben Fordham is taking on Uber Eats-Sign the Petition!


2GB’s Ben Fordham is taking on Uber Eats-Sign the Petition!

Here at the Sydney Times Food Guide,… We have long been concerned about the exploitation going on in the Food Sector with Platforms like UBER Eats screwing both the Restaurateurs with high Commissions and also the Riders and delivery workers,..many of them students or backpackers participating oin the Gig economy…It is only a matter of time before a Delivery rider ends up Dead,..in an accident because of the pressure they are under to deliver in adhering to frantic deadlines,..and their nonobservance of normal driving or riding practices.

So when we noticed Ben Fordham,.who is a thoroughly decent guy and a Top Sydney broadcaster with Radio 2GB initiating this petition,..we thought we better “Get on Board this Campaign”,.even iff we are in the midst of this crazy Corona Virus lockdown,..

Now when Food Delivery is even more at the forefront of Sydney City Life as many Restaurants and Cafes are closing down,…or completely Relying on Takeout or Take away Food Deliveries for income,..to survive,..so this is a good time to get tough with these “exploitative bastards” and sort them out!

So,..If You are a decent Aussie who still retains a Moral Compass,.. and not a lazy morally Bankrupt Bum,.. You will get active and sign this petition,..rather than allowing this exploitation to continue!



2GB’s Ben Fordham is taking on Uber Eats, asking them to slash their huge commission fees during the coronavirus outbreak. Struggling small businesses need our support as food delivery giants profit off the pandemic. Aksel, add your name below.
Food delivery giants should HALVE their restaurant commissions during coronavirus pandemic
5,998 have signed Ben Fordham’s petition. Let’s get to 7,500!
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Food delivery giants like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Menulog and DoorDash charge Australian restaurants and cafes up to 35% commission on every order.

With Australians increasingly staying at home instead of eating out because of coronavirus fears, these small food businesses are going broke.

Our restaurants cannot survive like this.

Customer numbers have plummeted, and when people order through food delivery third parties, the restaurant hands over up to 35% of the money.

In America, food delivery app Grubhub has announced it’ll temporarily forgo $100 million US dollars in commissions, to give restaurants financial relief during the coronavirus pandemic.

The business model of the food delivery giants relies solely on the hard work of our restaurants and cafes. Without them, they don’t exist.

As Australians, we are calling on Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Menulog, DoorDash and any other food delivery services to step in and help out.

As a starting point, the food delivery giants should HALVE the massive commissions they charge our restaurants and cafes.

Please help.

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