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A message from NSW farmers

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A message from NSW farmers


Dear Reader ,


Farmers from the Liverpool Plains in NSW have a message for you. Vote Independent, number every box, and put the Liberal National Party last.




Because the NSW Liberal National government is rolling out the red carpet for Santos by allowing them to drill for coal seam gas over the Liverpool Plains—the best food-producing area in Australia.

Scott McCalman, a farmer in the Liverpool Plains is clear about what this means for Australia:


“If these gas fields are allowed to go ahead, it’s going to destroy my farm and it’s going to destroy your future food security forever


Will you help us share Scott’s warning with voters in NSW?


The Liverpool Plains are the jewel of Australian agriculture but the NSW Liberal Government has allowed Santos to enter farmland without consent and farmers are devastated. This is how Rosemary Nankivel, another Liverpool Plains Farmer describes the situation:


“We feel really betrayed by the Liberal National Party who promised there would be no more mining on the Liverpool Plains”


Rosemary wants voters to know farmers feel betrayed, will you help us share her message?


Farmers in the Liverpool Plains are crying out for Independents who will protect Australia’s food and water security by standing up to the oil and gas industry.


Donate now to help elect Independents who will protect Australia’s farmland.


Thanks so much for your support.


Best regards,


Byron Fay

Executive Director, Climate 200


P.S Media reports suggest NSW is heading towards a hung parliament. With a crossbench of pro-climate Independents and a minority Government, we can rip the red carpet out from underneath Santos. Tell Santos to stay out of the Liverpool Plains by donating today.


P.P.S Have a look at our Instagram or Twitter to view the six videos we’ve filmed of farmers from the Liverpool Plains.

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